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What is a spinner ring? Well the middle of the ring spends! Made from sterling silver with a hammered ring in the center turns freely held by the ends of the ring.

My standard widths are 6mm wide for the gal's and 8mm wide for the guys so please let me know what size at checkout or I'll reach out to you via email. 

Getting this for a special occasion? I can also hand stamp the date on the inside if you would like. 

I can also do gold spinners or add more spinners so if you would like something like this please email.

Due to the ring spinning freely I'm unable to resize this ring so I highly recommend getting your finger professionally sized. 


*** this is for one ring. 



Customer Reviews

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Kevin McGinty

Love it!

Forrest Baldwin
One of a kind : Marriage art

I’m not a huge fan of traditional rings. When my wife recommended I look at HC’s rings it was apparent that the passion for creating unique pieces was at the forefront of his mission. I reached out with a request for a wedding band with turquoise added within no time I had a 1 of a kind art piece that is as unique as the love I share with my partner. I’ll be doing plenty more business with HC’s. The business is based out of my home state to boot.

Overall, I’d recommend this service to everyone. A pleasure to work with.